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Conference Workshop on Monday

5:45 - 7:00 PM, Monday, June 10, 2013 The Informatical Difference between Targeted and Discovery-based Proteomics (organized by Bioinformatics for MS Interest Group); Brian Searle and Lukas Käll, presiding Room 1

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Tuesday, June 11, Poster Number 509

Protein Cluster Identification and Quantitation with Scaffold Caleb J. Emmons; Brian C. Searle Poster: TP28 - Informatics: Quantification/Validation; Poster number: 509

Wednesday, June 12, Poster Number 620

ABRF-sPRG 2013 Study: Development and characterization of a stable isotope labeled peptide standard for quantitative proteomics applications Christopher Colangelo; Craig Dufresne; Alexander Ivanov; Antonius Koller; Brett Phinney; Kristie Rose6; Paul Rudnick; Brian Searle; Scott Shaffer Poster: WP33 - Peptides: Quantitative Analysis II, Poster number: 620

Thursday, June 13, Poster Number 671

Improving Peptide and Protein Identification Rates Using a Novel Semi-Supervised Approach in Scaffold Brian C. Searle; Caleb J. Emmons; Bryan Head Poster: ThP34 - Informatics: Peptide Identification / Characterization II, Poster: 671

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