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The Look and Feel of Scaffold, the Power of DIA

Search raw DIA data against various DDA library formats, Prosit predictions, or sample-specific DIA-only custom libraries

Load data* from major vendor instruments, including Thermo, Sciex, and Agilent

Track quantitative trends with advanced statistical analysis, built-in heatmaps, and PCA

Share data using the free Scaffold DIA Viewer, Excel-formatted exports, and publication-quality images

Download (current version: 3.0.1)

*Windows is required to process vendor-formatted raw files

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Release Notes

  • Added support for unique peptide counting
  • Added context menu option for showing only certain fragment ion series in the fragment chromatogram chart
  • Added an exclusivity column to the Samples view
  • Added a count of data and reference files in the workflow dialog
  • Scaffold DIA release notes