July 2015 - Vol 7, Issue 3

New Software Elements for Metabolomics

This week, Proteome Software is introducing our new product:

Elements for Metabolomics

Elements provides a powerful and flexible environment in which to:

Elements uses:

Elements supports major vendor Instruments:

Proteome Software is providing you an opportunity to do a free 20 day trial evaluation of Elements. Visit the Elements for Metabolomics evaluation page to request an evaluation key.

Elements utilizes ProteoWizard tools. If you do not have the proper version installed on your computer, during the installation process you will see a dialog box that prompts you to download ProteoWizard. Select the option, "I agree to the licensing terms-download ProteoWizard" and install ProteoWizard onto your computer. Once you complete the ProteoWizard installation, return to the Elements dialog box to complete the installation of Elements. You will also see a dialog box which provides you an opportunity to allocate memory to Elements.

Getting Started with Elements for Metabolomics

Please note that for all Windows and Linux operating systems you must run Elements either as an administrator (for Windows) or with elevated permissions (for Linux, with sudo command) when installing AND when you enter the license key.

Elements for Metabolomics Brochure

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