• Elements has allowed us to perform fast identification and relative quantification of high resolution shotgun metabolomics data using fragmentation spectral libraries which has opened up a new area of research and core service in our lab. Read more...
    John Asara, Harvard Medical School
  • Our lab's relationship with Proteome Software has been most rewarding, and Scaffold has become an integral part of our workflow.
    Arthur Moseley, Duke University
  • As a core lab, one of our missions is to educate and empower end users: Scaffold is ideal for this purpose. Scaffold presents results in an intuitive ... format and the free Scaffold viewer enables researchers to view and analyze their own data.
    Allis Chien, Stanford University
  • Our group produces large amounts of data that is difficult to control, catalogue and analyse. To carry out shotgun proteomics techniques we had to load the MS/MS data manually, which proved both labour intensive and error prone. Read more...
    Kelvin Cain, MRC Toxicology Unit
  • I can certainly see the utility of Scaffold for people who wish to compare results between different search engines. Good collection of info under the links section, by the way.
    John Cottrell, Matrix Science
  • Scaffold has proven invaluable in helping explain experimental results to our clients from large proteomics experiments. The visualization tools make it easy for our clients to understand complex MS/MS comparative analyses. Read more...
    Dave Allen, Proteomic Research Services
  • Scaffold, along with its statistical evaluation, has given us a way to confidently filter our SEQUEST results. Definitely if you use SEQUEST we would recommend Scaffold to display and organize your results.
    Andrew Guzzetta, IonSource
  • I have to say that [Scaffold] is the best software package I have ever used. Finally, I can get rid of all the excel spreadsheets and look at a nice overview of my data.
    Manuel Mayr, University of London
  • I must say that I am impressed. I had a set of data to be analyzed for publication and I obtained what I wanted out of Scaffold in just a few minutes.
    Michael M. Rosenblatt, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
  • Compiling individual data sets to build a proteome database and add statistical analysis to compiled data sets required months of tedium using current free-ware and add-on utilities. Read more...
    Karen Dobos, Colorado State University
  • Scaffold has been a great investment for my facility. It ... allows clients that may not have a deep understanding of mass spectrometry ... to understand our results, [and] it has contributed greatly to ongoing research in the facility. Read more...
    Brett Phinney, University of California, Davis
  • I tried really hard to be as conservative as possible [when using Scaffold], but I still could not stop Scaffold from improving my results!
    Phil Wilmarth, Oregon Health Sciences University
  • After using Scaffold for several months now, I have to say that I have been very impressed with its ease of use, robust features, and stability. Read more...
    Todd Greco, Princeton University
  • I can already see that Scaffold is really going to be a help in organizing and reviewing our data.
    Valerie Cavett, Scripps Institute, Florida
  • We [use] Scaffold to assemble Sequest, Mascot and GPM results ... of human plasma ... Scaffold has really been useful to pool search results and discriminate between false and true positives.
    Pierre Gagne, CHUL Research Center
  • Not just the software itself is super, but also the support is great!
    Bas van Breukelen, Utrecht University