Core Labs

If you run a proteomics core facility providing MS/MS protein identification services, Scaffold is for you!

Scaffold validates, organizes, and interprets proteomics search data so that you can more easily manage large amounts of data, provide complex and confident analyses, and empower your customers.

Analyse Data
  • Quickly run a statistical analysis on a variety of search engines
  • Save time. Scaffold automatically adjusts algorithms for:
  • The FASTA database size
  • The sample characteristics
  • The spectra quality
  • No tuning required!
Share Results
  • Combine customer result samples in one file
  • Control customer-level detail
  • Provide protein, peptide and spectra detail
  • Easily share statistical justification of analysis
Empower Users
  • The proteins are organized to show at a glance:
  • Which proteins are in each sample
  • Probability scores of the protein identifications
  • Patterns of differential expression across samples and categories
  • Peptide and spectrum support for each protein identified
  • The protein list can be sorted, filtered and evalutated
  • Links to outside databases easily enable further analysis
Minimize Support Time
  • Using the free Scaffold Viewer, customers can work independently:
  • They can use various methods to view, sort and filter data
  • They can search data repeatedly to broaden or refine their findings
  • They can examine each spectrum, protein sequence, and fragmentation table
  • They can export the results
  • They can own and archive their own data
  • They can prepare the figures and graphics needed for publication

Try Scaffold now with a 14-day free evaluation.