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Founded by Mark Turner, Brian Searle, and Ashley McCormack, Proteome Software is a scientist-operated small business located in Portland, Oregon, USA. We provide the MS/MS analytics community with an intuitive group of proteomics, metabolomics, and small molecule mass spectrometry tools. Our team of developers, scientists, and technical operations specialists work together to bring you the most intuitive, highest-quality products possible. From diligent programming and internal problem-solving to specific, clear customer support and product documentation, our dedicated team work every day to create a satisfying user experience.

Brian Searle

Brian Searle, PhD, Co-founder/Owner

Brian Searle is the co-founder and chairman of the board of Proteome Software. Following an undergraduate degree in chemistry from Reed College, Brian was mentored in MS/MS-based proteomics by Ashley McCormack and software development by Mark Turner in Srinivasa Nagalla’s lab at Oregon Health and Science University. In 2004 Brian co-founded Proteome Software with Mark and Ashley to produce and distribute cutting-edge data analysis software for proteomicists.

As the owner of Proteome Software, Brian has produced numerous innovations in the analysis of MS/MS-based proteomics data. Brian is a member of the American Society for Mass Spectrometry (ASMS) and has served on the board of directors for that organization. Brian also co-founded the Proteome Informatics Research Group of the Association of Biomolecular Resource Facilities (ABRF) society and is active in ABRF committees.

Kathy Bryant

Kathy Bryant, President

Kathy joined Proteome Software in 2004 with founders Mark Turner and Brian Searle. In late 2015, she assumed the expanded role to focus on the company’s business functions. When not applying her Kansas MBA to spreadsheets and job descriptions, Kathy leans on her Poli Sci and Anthropology degrees to interpret the American Political Circus.

One might also find her obsessing over Jayhawk basketball, running neighborhood trails, or doggedly searching for authentic New Mexican cuisine in the Pacific Northwest. Kathy’s high tech creds? She learned FORTRAN programming on Michigan State’s mainframe and once worked for a member of the task force that gave birth in 1981 to IBM’s first personal computer.

Susan Ludwigsen

Susan Ludwigsen, Director of Software Development

Susan is a veteran in the field of bioinformatics. She earned a Bachelor’s degree in biochemistry from Princeton in 1980, and a Master’s in computer science from Temple University in 1985, and headed the mapping team for the Cooperative Human Linkage Center which published the first comprehensive genetic map of the human genome in 1994. After moving to Oregon and serving a brief stint as co-owner and IT director of a Forest Products company, she provided bioinformatics support to a genetic research group at Oregon Health and Science University. She joined Proteome Software in 2010.

Susan enjoys boating, reading, travel and the rare times she gets to spend with her two daughters and her granddaughter.

Seth Just

Seth Just, Software Architect and Developer

Seth was born and raised in Portland and has worked at Proteome Software since graduating from Reed College in 2012 with a BA in Mathematics. He enjoys learning about the biology, chemistry, and physics of proteomics and metabolomics while applying his passion for abstraction, design, and usability to the development of faster, easier-to-use, and more maintainable software.

When he’s not in front of a computer, Seth enjoys local food, long drives in the country, maintaining his collection of aging Subarus, camping in the mountains, and watching TV with his girlfriend and cat.

Caleb Emmons

Caleb Emmons, PhD, Staff Scientist, Development

Caleb is a math guy who only recently learned to love the proteome. He earned his PhD in Mathematics from UC San Diego in 2006 and worked as an Assistant Professor for five years at Pacific University. As a faculty member, Caleb taught the entire gamut of courses including Statistics and Advanced Probability.

He divides his time between coding, algorithm development, writing math poetry, crafting crossword puzzles, reading with his children, and watching shows with his wife–not to mention his heavy duties as the Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Universal Rejection.

Kevin Calaway

Kevin Calaway, Developer

Kevin is from Seattle, WA, and joined the Proteome team in 2020 after receiving his Bachelor’s in Computer Science magna cum laude from University of Southern California. He loves living with the vanguard of science and seeing how step by step, people change how we see and interact with the world, and as such, is eager to learn all he can about proteomics through the lens of a developer of data analysis software.

He has previously worked as a teaching assistant, magazine editor, marketer, missionary, tutor, singer, and playwright. While not working or gallivanting with his wife, Kevin can be found writing songs or listening to songs he wishes he could have written.

Nick Vincent-Maloney

Nick Vincent-Maloney, Sales and Support Manager

Nick has been working in the field of proteomics since 2002, when he started at a biotechnology firm studying small molecule drug candidates with LC-MS/MS. From there, he went on to work in research and development for a diagnostics device company. After a move from California to Oregon in 2008, he began working in the software industry at Proteome Software. With degrees in biochemistry and computer information systems, Nick spends his days helping researchers exploit powerful software applications and harnessing mega computing platforms.

He enjoys spending time with his family, building Python web applications, watching cool TV shows, camping, climbing, reading, building things, and growing tomato plants over 8 feet high. Nick was once a professional musician, and if you look really closely, you might find an obscure reference or two from his drumming days.

Jacob Lippincott

Jacob Lippincott, User Experience Specialist, Sales and Support

Jacob was born in Rhode Island and moved to North Carolina at age 10. Hes has a BS in Microbiology from the North Carolina State University in 2010. For the last 4 years he worked for IEH/JLA in QC, testing various sample types for bacterial contamination. He moved to Washington State for a brief period last year to work as a Lab Director. After a short time back in NC he moved back to the PNW to work for Proteome and plans on staying for good!

Jacob enjoys all types of water activities including fishing, sailing, kayaking and just being at the beach and recently became addicted to rock climbing. He loves all the outdoor activities that the area has to offer as well as the great music scene, craft beer scene and the ability to eat delicious things out of the back of a cart. Basically he was born to live in Portland.

Jaime Pico

Jaime Pico, Marketing and Sales Support, Graphic Design

Jaime Pico was born on a frosty December evening in Portland, Oregon. He is a graphic designer and illustrator that enjoys apparel design, typography, and page layout. He joined Proteome Software in 2017,

He has been published in Willamette Week. He has worked for an internationally acclaimed cycling apparel company. He has one cat, two bikes, and three half sisters.

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